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All-in-one Dental Care & Laboratory Services

Finding the right dentist can be hard, especially if you need specialized services, like full-mouth dental implants. Depending on the type of care you need, you may have to visit the offices of multiple providers and wait months to actually have the procedure performed. 

This was a scenario Dr. Carter saw frequently at the office he used to work at. Not only was the implant process inconvenient for patients, but being bounced from provider to provider also affected their level of care. Each office they went to had its own way of doing things, and many of the offices were so busy that their patients became just another number. It’s common for many patients to put off their dental care out of fear or costs; unfortunately, the less convenient the whole process is, the less likely patients who need care will seek it out. 

Dr. Carter


Dr. Carter quickly realized that not only could he offer all the same services under one roof, but that by combining all services in one location, the level of care provided would be more consistent and personalized. Patients who also may have been put off by the idea of seeing multiple providers or traveling to numerous offices could also have a more convenient, streamlined experience. Union Dental Implant Center was created to be a one-stop shop for all dental implantx needs. 

We offer everything from consultations, digital x-rays, and pre-op, to surgery, post-ops, and prosthetics—all under one roof. We also take an extremely personalized approach to dental care. While some offices may try to squeeze in as many appointments and procedures in a day, we make a point to see no more than six patients daily. Your dental needs are as unique as you are, and we believe the only way to provide high-quality care is to spend individualized time with each patient. 

At times, dentistry can feel invasive or bring up unpleasant feelings. We understand this, as well as the importance of building trust and getting to know each other before we move forward with any procedures. You’re never just another number here. Our small, intimate team focuses on you as a person, and treats you like family.  

In short, we bring the best of dental care and laboratory services into one office to create a perfect Union. 

The Benefits of Our On-Site Laboratory

Beyond combining all these services in one convenient location, another thing that sets Union apart is our on-site laboratory. Typically, when you need a crown or other prosthetic, the dental office will send the impression to an out-of-state lab. It can take weeks to receive the prosthetic; if there are any problems with it, such as a poor fit or the wrong color, you’d have to wait even longer for a replacement. 

With an onsite lab, we’re able to cut down that timeline significantly. For example, if you’re getting a single implant and need a temporary, we can have it ready for you in a day or two—rather than a few weeks. This is especially important if you have aesthetic concerns, like a missing front tooth. 

Another benefit of our onsite lab is that you can talk directly with our lab technicians to ensure your prosthetics are flawless. We can create custom shades to make your new tooth indistinguishable from the rest of your smile; we also offer a shade check appointment to ensure you’re thrilled with the results. Since we see a low number of patients at a time and control the entire process, we have much better control over your treatment from start to finish. This helps to reduce errors and saves you time and money. 

Welcome to Dental Care for the 21st Century

Whether you’re getting a single dental implant or full mouth dental implants, you deserve the best care possible. Dental health plays an important role in our physical health, but it also greatly impacts our overall feeling of well-being. At Union Dental Implant Center, we’re committed to blending these two essential components to help each of our patients look and feel their best. 

For more information, call or text us at (512) 337-6984 or schedule a consultation online. We look forward to meeting you!


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