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Advanced Technology for Enhanced Patient Care

Creating Custom-Made Smiles Through Next-Level Dentistry

We pride ourselves on providing the most advanced care available, staying at the forefront of dental technology to deliver exceptional results. At Union Dental Implant Center, we offer successful procedures that exceed expectations by utilizing the latest innovations in the field.

Our dental laboratory is pivotal in our approach, allowing us to create treatment plans tailored to your unique needs and preferences, resulting in truly customizable smiles that enhance aesthetics and functionality. We’re not just using a scan or a picture; we’re designing the teeth to be anatomically related to the bone. Our technology gives us exact precision on how the teeth come together with the bite and how they function. Our state-of-the-art technology in our dental lab eliminates guesswork, ensuring precise and accurate procedures for optimal outcomes.

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Technology for Dental Implant Procedures

Our advanced dental implant technology ensures precise diagnostics, streamlined planning, and custom-made prosthetics. With 3D imaging systems and computer-guided placement software, we meticulously plan each procedure step for optimal results. This approach ensures that you receive aesthetically pleasing implants and function seamlessly for long-term oral health.

Technology for Total Body Wellness

While we have cutting-edge technology tailored for restorative and implant procedures within our full mouth dental implant lab, we also prioritize promoting total body wellness through complementary technologies. Beyond dental care, we offer technologies to enhance overall health and well-being, such as digital diagnostic tools for early detection of systemic conditions and advanced imaging techniques for comprehensive health assessments. Integrating these technologies into our full mouth dental implant lab aims to provide care that addresses your dental needs and supports your overall health and wellness journey.

Customizing Every Detail

Dr. Adam Carter’s approach encompasses a comprehensive array of responsibilities, from surgical planning and execution to prosthetics’ meticulous design. By leveraging your natural anatomy, as captured through CBCT imaging, Dr. Carter reconstructs a look and bite that closely mirrors the original.

Each patient’s teeth are custom-tailored to harmonize with their unique anatomy and personal characteristics, ensuring that every smile is distinct. This hands-on involvement throughout the process sets Dr. Carter apart, allowing for a more personalized and comfortable outcome—a rarity in the field where the surgeon is intimately involved in surgical and prosthetic design.

Simplifying Dental Treatment with Integrated Technology

From advanced imaging systems for precise diagnostics to cutting-edge software for customized prosthetics, our technology enhances treatment accuracy, efficiency, and patient comfort. Our on-site dental lab enhances your experience by providing a one-stop-shop solution.

This convenience eliminates the need for multiple appointments at different locations, saving time and reducing travel expenses. Our lab ensures faster turnaround times for prosthetic fabrication, leading to quicker treatment completion and cost-effectiveness. By integrating technology seamlessly into our practice and offering on-site dental lab services, we prioritize convenience, efficiency, and affordability, ultimately delivering exceptional care and outcomes.

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