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Providing Unmatched Patient-Centered Care

At Union Dental Implant Center, our foundation is built on the belief that you deserve personalized care and attention, and you’re not just numbers on a chart. We prioritize restoring the doctor-patient relationship to its core values, slowing down, and focusing on delivering unparalleled care. When you schedule a consultation with our dentist, we allocate dedicated time for your appointment, ensuring you have ample opportunity to discuss your dental concerns, smile goals, and treatment options.

By focusing our attention on you and your dental needs, our dentist and team ensure that you feel heard, understood, and informed about your procedure, fostering a trusting and supportive environment. We simplify our process, employ the most state-of-the-art technology, and strive to establish lasting relationships built on trust and transparency to provide the highest standard of care.

Why Choose Union Dental Implant Center?

On-Site Digital Lab

Our cutting-edge in-house digital technology enhances every aspect of your dental treatment. Our dentist, Dr. Adam Carter, utilizes this technology to perform surgical procedures with precision and design and fabricate custom prosthetics tailored to your unique needs right here in our dental office. This seamless integration of digital tools ensures efficient and precise treatment delivery, resulting in optimal outcomes.

Streamlined Workflow

We’ve streamlined our workflow to make your time in the chair as efficient and comfortable as possible. By optimizing our processes, we minimize wait times and ensure a seamless experience for you from start to finish. We aim to make your visit to our dental office as easy and stress-free as possible.

Custom-Designed Prosthetics

Our dentist, Dr. Carter, crafts custom-designed prosthetics that harmonize with your unique facial features, lip, and gum line. Each detail is meticulously considered to ensure your new smile blends seamlessly with your natural aesthetics, creating a balanced and aesthetically appealing appearance. We aim to deliver a personalized solution that enhances confidence and complements individuality.

Your Smile, Designed by Dr. Carter

Dr. Carter’s approach encompasses a comprehensive range of responsibilities, from surgical planning to executing the surgery itself and meticulously designing and crafting prosthetics. By leveraging your natural anatomy, captured through CBCT imaging, Dr. Carter reconstructs a look and bite that closely mimics the original.

Each patient’s teeth are customized to harmonize with their unique anatomy and personal characteristics, ensuring that no two sets of teeth are identical. This hands-on involvement throughout the entire process sets Dr. Carter apart, allowing for a more tailored and comfortable outcome—a rarity in the field where the surgeon is also intimately involved in designing and fabricating the prosthetics.

Custom Prosthetics and Personalized Care

We believe in providing a better alternative for everyone, so we’ve created streamlined, adaptable workflows that allow you to evolve with your smile over time. Our approach is all about customization, ensuring your smile is uniquely tailored to you, not just a one-size-fits-all solution. Each prosthetic is meticulously crafted to be lightweight, comfortable, and precisely fitted, seamlessly blending with your natural teeth for a harmonious look and feel.

Dr. Carter, our dentist, is committed to providing ongoing support and maintenance as you journey through life, ensuring your smile remains functional and beautiful. Whether it’s addressing hardware malfunctions or changes due to health conditions, we’re here to help you easily maintain your new smile.

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