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We work with all dental insurance companies as an out-of-network provider. Dr. Carter maintains a high standard of care for his patients and will not compromise on using cheap materials, overseas laboratories, or outdated technology. In the current environment of managed healthcare, many insurance companies have added restrictions on what they will allow for their subscribers. To ensure that his patients receive the best possible treatment, Dr. Carter chooses to remain out of network.

An All-on-Four is a denture that is secured into the patient’s mouth using approximately four dental implants. The entire arch of missing teeth is replaced using an implant-supported denture rather than replacing each missing tooth with an individual dental implant. This denture is held in place using two or more implants towards the front of the mouth and two or more towards the back. The number of dental implants used to hold the denture may vary depending on the patient’s unique situation. Dr. Carter will take the time to thoroughly assess each patient to determine if the implant denture technique is ideal for them and create a custom plan to address their individual needs.

The customized procedure begins with the initial consultation appointment with Dr. Carter. During this visit, Dr. Carter will determine candidacy and begin the detailed planning process ensuring that surgery is performed with the utmost precision. Every step of the procedure is completed in our office from the initial consultation to the surgery and maintenance appointments.

On the day of the surgery, teeth are removed and implants will be carefully placed, after which the restoration can be secured. Patients will receive a temporary restoration that is worn while the implants gradually fuse to the jawbone. After approximately 3-6 months, this temporary restoration is removed and a permanent denture will be secured onto the implants. This denture is custom-made for the patient to ensure comfort during use as well as realistic and beautiful results.

The cost of an All-on-Four procedure varies from one individual to the next depending upon the number of implants and bone grafting required. Although the cost may be higher upfront, dental implants are a very cost-effective treatment when compared to other tooth replacement options. This investment in your health and wellbeing can last a lifetime when cared for properly.

It is normal to feel some discomfort after the all-on-four procedure. Dr. Carter will provide advice on using over-the-counter pain management or will provide a prescription for pain medication.

Maintaining an adequate diet after this surgery is very important. While the dental implant is healing and fusing to the bone, we recommend that patients avoid hard items like hard candy and ice, as these may put excess pressure on the temporary restoration. During the first three months of healing, it is extremely important to be on a soft diet. This modified diet is to be maintained until the permanent restoration is placed.

  • Cooked or ripe fruits
  • Mashed potatoes
  • Well cooked vegetables
  • Canned fruits without seeds
  • Broiled fish
  • Roasted/stewed chicken
  • Scrambled eggs
  • Soups
  • Pancakes, breads, muffins
  • Pudding, Jell-O, Yogurt
  • Smoothies

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