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The Union Difference

You are the reason we are here.

“It is simple. The highest level of care can only be achieved within a true one on one environment.”
-Adam Carter, DDS

Immersive, focused, and unusually excellent dental care is our mission.

Union Dental Implant Center was born from the desire to create a dental office that treats patients like human beings, not chart numbers. Insurance companies, high volumes, and the bottom line are all things that can negatively influence the doctor-patient relationship. While this world of complexities has continued to speed up, your actual care may have slowed down. By simply going back to our roots, untangling the mess, and slowing down a bit, we have chosen to deliver our absolute best to everyone that walks through our door. Toss in some of the most advanced technologies on Earth, and you have something very special.

Dr. Carter’s blueprint was based on three concepts.

  1. Transparent Architecture. The visually stunning open design of the facility proudly displays our meticulous attention to detail. Communication and flow are optimized by combining a tall ceiling, open architecture, and a healthy dose of glass placed throughout the studio.
  2. Single Patient Workflow. The unique areas within the studio were strategically laid out to allow for the effective treatment of one patient at a time. We included everything required to deliver the ultimate dental experience, and eliminated everything that would not. It is like walking into a facility designed just for you…because it was.
  3. Technology. Windows. Macintosh. The Internet. Atari. Playstation. Virtual Reality. 3D Design and Milling. 3D Printing. 3D X-rays. Computer Guidance. Artificial Intelligence. Titanium and Zirconia Biotechnology. We have been a part of the digital revolution since the beginning. See for yourself.

Why is Union the place to go for dental implants?

This model is inefficient, time-consuming, expensive, confusing, and ultimately frustrating. By bringing all three of these elements together under one roof, we have effectively streamlined your entire experience. This unification is simply the only way to provide the personalized care people deserve through harnessing today’s technology.

Behind every set of teeth there is a human being

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