State-of-the-Art Technology

We utilize cutting-edge digital technology to customize every detail, ensuring precision and accuracy in crafting your new smile. From advanced imaging to computer-aided design, we employ cutting-edge techniques to tailor your treatment to your unique needs and preferences.

Restorative Dentistry

We utilize the latest techniques and materials to restore your smile’s health, function, and aesthetics. With a focus on personalized care and attention to detail, we are dedicated to helping you achieve optimal oral health and regain confidence in your smile.

Implant Surgery

We offer personalized implant surgery tailored to you, ensuring that every procedure matches your needs and preferences rather than following a standardized approach. We use advanced technology to deliver precise implant placement and natural-looking results, providing a customized solution for a lasting and confident smile.

Full Arch Replacement

Our tailored full arch replacement solutions are designed to restore function and aesthetics for patients with missing, decayed, or failing teeth. These advanced procedures utilize state-of-the-art technology to provide natural-looking replacements that are hand-crafted and uniquely designed for you.

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Dental Implant Center - Austin, TX

Redefining Smile Permanency with Integrative Care

At Union Dental Implant Center, we’re dedicated to treating patients, not just teeth. By integrating digital dentistry, restorative dentistry, dental implant surgery, and an in-house laboratory into one convenient location, we’ve developed a comprehensive approach to dental care. This streamlined workflow reduces the number of patient appointments and ensures a structured and efficient treatment process.

From start to finish, we can personalize every aspect of your smile, leveraging our expertise and advanced technology to address even the smallest details. Whether you’re missing one tooth or a full arch of teeth, we have the knowledge and tools to restore your smile and oral function to their fullest potential.

What to Expect from the All-on-X Procedure

Since dental implants mimic the look and feel of natural teeth, we take extra time to get to know your dental concerns and smile goals to ensure every aspect of your treatment is what you envisioned. We will start with a consultation to discuss your dental concerns and smile goals. We will gather digital diagnostics and meticulously craft a tailored treatment plan to address your unique needs.

Once your treatment plan is complete, we’ll proceed to implant placement, where we will place 4-6 implant posts into your jawbone for optimal support. We will attach an abutment connector atop each implant. From here, your implants will fuse with your jawbone. Once your mouth has healed, we will attach your customized crown or full arch prosthetic, ensuring seamless integration with your natural smile.

The Union Dental Implant Center Difference

The Union Dental Implant Center Difference

Quality Dentistry, Patient-Centered Approach

We streamline our multidisciplinary approach to efficiently achieve comprehensive dental care all in one location, focusing on one patient at a time. This specialized approach is executed by a dedicated team obsessed with delivering quality dental treatments.

Building Adaptable Smiles for Lasting Wellness

We offer an adaptive approach to dental care, allowing you to evolve along with your teeth and ensuring an adaptable set of teeth that are easy for everyone to maintain. With our focus on adaptability, we empower you to maintain optimal oral health and functionality over time effortlessly.

Meet Dr. Adam Carter

Adam Carter graduated with honors from Texas A&M University with a degree in Biomedical Sciences in 2006.  He went on to attend The University of Texas School of Dentistry at Houston and received his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree in 2012 with a special interest in Dental Implantology.  With over a decade of dental implant experience, Dr. Carter has planned, performed, and restored thousands of dental implants throughout his career.

Multiple Options, Multiple Price-Points.

All-On-X Full Arch Implant Treatment

Implant Revisions

Aesthetic Implants

Prosthetic Repairs/Replacements

Zygomatic Dental Implants

Pterygoid Dental Implants

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All-On-X is an advanced dental technique to restore smiles for individuals with significant tooth loss, typically utilizing 4-6 strategically placed implants per arch. This innovative approach involves anchoring a full set of teeth onto these implants, eliminating the need for traditional removable dentures.

By securely attaching a hybrid denture or bridge to the implants, All-On-X provides a stable and permanent solution that enhances smile aesthetics and improves chewing function, speech clarity, and overall oral health. With All-On-X, you can confidently enjoy a fully rejuvenated smile that looks, feels, and functions naturally.

All-On-X With Remote Anchorage

All-on-X Remote Anchorage is an innovative solution for patients lacking sufficient upper jawbone density to support traditional dental implants. These implants are longer than standard implants and are anchored in the dense zygomatic (cheek) bone, providing a secure foundation for dental restorations.

All-on-X remote anchorage implants often eliminate the need for bone grafting procedures, making them ideal for patients with significant jawbone loss. They offer a reliable and stable option for full arch restorations, restoring function, and aesthetics for individuals with complex dental needs.

Prosthetic Replacements

We offer prosthetic replacements tailored specifically for patients who had our all-on-X procedure and want to update their dental restorations due to breakage or aesthetic preferences. Our team specializes in crafting customized prosthetics that seamlessly integrate with existing implants, ensuring a precise fit and natural appearance.

Whether teeth have broken down over time or no longer meet aesthetic expectations, our prosthetic solutions are designed to enhance function and appearance. We provide comprehensive consultations to discuss individual preferences and create personalized prosthetic options that meet each patient’s needs and desires.

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Dental Implants Are The Best Investment I've Ever Made For Myself.

Dental Implants Are The Best Investment I've Ever Made For Myself.

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