Botched Dental Implant Prosthetics

If you had your full-mouth dental implant procedure performed abroad, there’s a good chance you may have botched dental implant prosthetics. At Union Dental Implant Center, we’ve seen a number of patients whose implants were fine, but the prosthetic teeth were loose, broken, or came completely detached from the implants. Fortunately, our team is skilled at correcting dental implant prosthetics and can help you regain the ability to chew, talk, and smile with confidence. With our onsite laboratory, we can complete this process in as little as two appointments!

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Correcting Dental Implant Teeth

Dental implants are the most durable way to permanently replace missing teeth, but they can be costly. For this reason, many people travel to Mexico and other countries to have the procedure done. Since there’s often a lack of standards and regulations abroad, and many dental tourism dentists are extremely busy, some patients end up with prosthetics (or teeth) that aren’t secured properly or are made from poor-quality materials. 

Other reasons prosthetic teeth can break or become loose include: 

  • Deterioration of the dental cement used to bond the prosthetic to the abutment
  • Damage to the abutment
  • Loosening of the dental screw
  • Ill-fitting abutments  

Correcting dental implant prosthetics typically involves adjusting or replacing the prosthetics to ensure they fit well and have a natural appearance. Although this is typically done for botched dental implant prosthetics we can also correct dental implant prosthetics that don’t fit correctly or if you’re unhappy with the way they look. We’ll take digital impressions of your mouth to ensure the new prosthetics fit properly; after our onsite dental laboratory creates your prosthetics, we’ll secure them onto your dental implants. 

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If you’re experiencing problems with your dental implant prosthetic, don’t hesitate to contact Union Dental Implant Center. We have the expertise to repair or adjust your implant prosthetics so they fit properly, look natural, and function correctly. Whether you need a small adjustment or a complete replacement, we’re here to help.

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