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All-on-4 Restorations Austin TX

Union Dental Implant Center is an integrated dental studio providing All-in-Four restorations and other dental implant services in Austin TX. Our office offers everything you need to restore your smile, including dental implant surgery and an onsite laboratory for convenient, consistent, and high-quality care. We also prioritize your dental needs by limiting our appointment to just six patients a day. This enables us to better understand your needs and ensure the best possible outcomes. 

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What Are All-on-Four Restorations?

All-on-Four is a teeth replacement procedure that replaces every tooth on an entire arch with a fixed dental bridge that attaches to 4+ surgically implanted titanium dental implants. This eliminates the need for traditional removable dentures and allows patients to regain full functionality of their mouths. 

Unlike traditional implants, which are placed straight into the jawbone to replace individual teeth or a row of teeth, all-on-four dental implants are placed at an angle. This makes it an ideal procedure for patients who have a significant amount of tooth or bone loss. Once attached, the all-on-four prosthetic is permanent and functions just like natural teeth. 

What to Expect with the Dental Implant Procedure

In most cases, bone grafts aren’t needed for All-on-Four implants; however, every patient is different. We’ll start the procedure by administering an anesthetic and/or sedation to keep you comfortable. If you have teeth that are damaged or broken, Dr. Carter will extract them prior to placing the implants. After the implants are placed, we’ll take a digital impression for the prosthesis and attach a temporary one. 

Once the implants have healed, and the replacement teeth are ready, we’ll have you come back to try on the bridge and make any necessary adjustments. This ensures it’s a good fit and shade. If you’re satisfied with the results, Dr. Carter will attach the prosthesis, making it a permanent fixture. 


What Are the Benefits of All-on-Four Dental Implants

The benefits of All-on-Four dental implants include:

A quicker path to restoring your smile

We can typically place all the implants in a single office visit and healing time is significantly faster than traditional dental implants. In general, most patients receive their permanent prosthesis in 3-6 months. 

Bone grafting is rarely needed

We place the implants in the densest part of your jawbone, so bone grafting often isn’t required.

Easy care

Caring for your dental implants is similar to caring for your natural teeth. Brush and floss your teeth daily and schedule regular dental exams.

Improved appearance

Missing teeth and the accompanying bone loss can cause an aged appearance. Dental implants help preserve the bone and support the facial tissues for a more youthful appearance. 

More dietary choices

Due to their stability, All-on-Four dental implants make it easy to enjoy your foods.

A long-lasting smile

The dental implants are permanent, with a non-removable bridge; with proper care, your new set of teeth can last a lifetime. 

Eliminate potential health issues from damaged or missing teeth

Dental implants help reduce your risk of periodontal disease, which is linked to heart attacks, strokes, and chronic diseases.

Enhanced quality of life

All-on-Four dental implants look and function just like natural teeth. You’ll enjoy greater comfort and confidence when eating, smiling, and talking.

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If you’d like to learn more about All-on-Four dental implantsor find out if you’re a suitable candidate, schedule a consultation at Union Dental Implant Center. We’ll evaluate your oral health, discuss your options, and take time to answer any questions you might have. Call or text us today at (512) 337-6984.